How To Introduce Your Pets To Strangers

Pets can live in the world seemingly their own, and if a stranger comes along, you can bet that your dog or cat will feel uneasy towards your new acquaintance. If your introduction is going to take place at home, your pet's first instinct is usually to protect your home and you. On the other hand, your pet may become instantly attracted to the stranger showing plenty of interest-- you just never know! In any case, either scenario is a possibility, so it's important to prepare for the first meeting.

Keep control of your pet at all times! For dogs and cats, you can keep them on a leash, and for other pets, prepare to use the cage. It's important that the moment the doorbell rings or the stranger knocks and your pet exhibits unwanted behavior, you are firm and let him or her know that you're in control. Once the stranger has crossed the threshold, make sure he or she greets you first before moving onto your pet.

Give your pet lots of treats and praise when he or she behaves in a likable manner around a stranger. Soon enough, your pet will start to recognize that good behavior yields plenty of treats and it won't be long before your pet likes the new person in the home.

First meetings with your pet should be kept to a minimum as should your pet's first interaction with a stranger. It's important to get a handle on the situation and not let it spiral out of control. You should keep your pet on a leash whenever feasible and be firm in your commands. Setting a good example for your pet is important, even if he or she seems anxious to attack or run away.

Your pet should feel calm in his or her home environment, even if there's a stranger in the room. When the stranger speaks, make sure the conversation is directed only towards you and not your pet. This will help your pet feel calm and remove some of the anxiety associated with having a stranger in the home. Of course, once your pet is disinterested and at ease, the stranger may slowly start to approach your pet.

At the end of the day, if all else fails, you can also opt to keep your pet away from strangers. Not all animals are okay with unknown visitors in the home, and if that's the case with yours, keep outside contact minimal.

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